National Gallery Singapore: An Artsy Place for Aesthete

The National Gallery Singapore surely will take you to the excitement full or arts. This place is recommended for you who wants to seek another kind of attraction in Singapore. When you are planning to go to this lion city, you may see many lists that suggest you to come to the crowded places. But if you are looking for a calm atmosphere or an aesthete, just go to National Gallery Singapore. From the name itself, you can guess that this place will display many remarkable work arts. Correct! Once when you step into this gallery, prepare for spectating many masterpieces that will make your jaw drop!

The building of National Gallery Singapore is easy to recognize because of this astonishing structure. For your information, Singapore transformed its City Hall and Supreme Court to be this National Gallery. That is why, it will be hard for you not to admire the amazing structure of this place. It surely will leave you in awe! National Gallery of Singapore is not always for the aesthetes. If you’re looking for some stunning instagramable photos, you can simply go there. Once you take a ton of photos in National Gallery Singapore, your followers will hit you with bomb likes and comments for sure!

If the outside of National Gallery Singapore has amazed you successfully, the inside part will be so much better! You can discover many things inside that may surprise you! The first one is, you can see a ghost in a painting. Yes, you heard it right! When you look closer at the ‘National Language Class’ painting, you can spot a black-shadow-figure in the back. The second one is, time capsule. On 1937, when National Gallery was Supreme Court, Sir Shenton Thomas put a time capsule beneath. It was buried in the foundation stone and will be unearthed in year 3.000. Still a long time to go.

Of course, those two are not the only interesting parts from the National Gallery Singapore. Hundreds or thousands art works there are waiting for you to be discovered. The Gallery is located in 1st Andrew’s Rd and it has two main entrances for your admission access. The entrances are the Coleman Street and the Padang Atrium. You can reach the National Gallery Singapore easily. Buses, MRT, Taxi, or Car are the options that you may choose to take you there. Before you go, don’t forget to book the admission ticket of National Gallery Singapore on BeFree Tour! (HN)