Release Your Stress Away in Menjangan Island


Escape to Menjangan Island is a great idea to set your stress free. As can be seen on the map, the island is separated to the main island of Bali. Since the remote island will offer you the new peaceful sensation, this is the perfect destination to get away from the bustling Bali. For some people, Bali might be the dream island to go for a holiday. However, for some people, Bali is already crowded and get away from it is a must. Menjangan Island would be a good choice. Here are the things to do on the island if you still wondering.

Firstly, you can explore the West Bali National Park. The park features a huge variety of flora and fauna. It will be a recommendation for you to spend your morning here and take a leisure walk. Make sure to open your eyes widely because you will spot some rare animals like the rusa deer. The name of Menjangan was inspired by this species and the species can only be found on the island only. So, once you meet them, don’t forget to capture the photos. Sometimes they will wander around the island or beach.

The second thing to do in Menjangan Island is visiting the Segara Gili Dharma Kencana Temple. You can even see this stunning temple from the distance when you want to reach there. The main feature of the temple can be seen from its remarkable Ganesha statue.  The locals believe that Ganesha which facing the sea is meant to protect the island. After exploring the land and the culture, let’s move to the beach. The sea in Menjangan Island is undeniably beautiful. Be free to enjoy the crystal clear water, pure white sand, blue sky, and sun-kissed as you lying on the sand.

However, when you visit the Menjangan Island, what would that be if you skip your adventure in exploring the underwater? Don’t worry. Let Wandernesia offers you the chance. With a product called Menjangan Island – Bali Diving Activity, you will be brought to dive into the Menjangan Sea. You can discover tons of incredible things under the waves, such as the exotic fish, and the ancient grand wreck ship. Under the supervision of the professional dive instructor, you are guaranteed to dive safely. Enjoy the convenient transfer service and a simple lunch that come within the package. Book on and get ready to get unlimited advantages from us! (HN)

Two Reasons Why You Should Experience Bali Water Sports


Have you ever heard that Bali Water Sport is a must thing to do when you visit the island? Yes, a lot of articles say that. You can find it easily on Google Search. Most of the articles would recommend you to experience this activity if you wish to have an unforgettable holiday. It is true that there are so many activities that you could do in the beach. Either you want to do sunbathing, swimming or even water sport. The choice is always in your hand. However, don’t you feel that your time will be so much worth it if you spend it to have fun instead of lying down on the sand?

Let me tell you the beneficial things why you should do water sports in Bali. There are various types if you speak about this activity. Start from the banana boat, flying fish, jet ski, scuba diving, until parasailing. All of those activities will strengthen your connection with your friends or family. The increase of relationship quality will happen if you take them to have fun with you. Of course, you won’t enjoy it alone by yourself, will you? It sounds too pathetic.

The second advantage thing is it could burn your calories and reduce your stress. Yes, the bustling daily routine might put you into exhaustion. Therefore, you need to do something that will make you forget the deadly routine and bring back the new energy in you. All you need to do just simply to have fun at the beach. There is a reading says that going to the beach will help you to relieve your stress. Moreover, if you take the whole squad and challenge them to ride on jet ski, would it be really fun? Nod your head just in case you agree with me!

So, do not hesitate to add Bali Water Sports to your to activity list in Bali. Before you make your reservation, you should not make the wrong choice in choosing the right tour platform. Go book now on Wandernesia, a holiday partner that you can trust. We provide various types of water sports. Start from the standard until the ultimate fun. As long as you make the option that suits your needs and budget, we can guarantee that your stress will washed away in the beach. Kindly visit us on our website and feel free to reach our staff if you have any question! (HN)

One Happy Day that’ll be Worth in Bali Zoo

Bali Zoo
Bali Zoo

Bali Zoo is the perfect place to go for a family day out. Perhaps, you feel enough with the beach, the temples, and other popular attractions spreading all over the island. Do you think so? Let me introduce you to Bali Zoo. One of the favorite tourist’s places that good for your family. Unlike any regular zoo that you find in your city, Bali Zoo has something different to offer. Once you make your decision to go here, I can guarantee you that you will never regret your decision. Why? Let’s check out the fun facts about Bali Zoo below.

Do you know that you can feed the lion with your own hand at the zoo? Yes, Bali Zoo will allow certain of the guests to feed the lion. Of course, you don’t feed it with your hand directly unless you want to add some extra flesh to the lion. Using a long and metal stick, you can give chicken meat to the lion. After that, you can see how furious the lion tearing the meat apart. Since the zoo only allows a limited number of guest, make sure you enroll yourself as a volunteer! Go challenge yourself!

The fun fact number two is, can you imagine having a breakfast accompanied by orangutans? Well, the orangutans are not literally sitting at the same table with you. They will hang out off the side while you enjoy your appetizing breakfast and see them doing their own thing. Moreover, you may strike a pose near them and snap some photos to get the memorable things of your moment. There is one thing that you should remember. You cannot touch them but they can touch you. So, make sure to get yourself ready for their unexpected touch!

Sounds interesting, right? Last but not least, the zoo also offers you an experience to explore the zoo in the night. Imagine that you will get some spooky vibe while wandering around the zoo in the night. Some animals are nocturnal, and you may find out their true wilderness in the dark. Without any further do, go book your Bali Zoo ticket now on! The packages offered are coming in various types. If you book on Wandernesia, we can guarantee you to have much benefit such as hotel transfer service, and mouthwatering lunch. The tickets are also offered at the best affordable price. Compared to other tour platforms, Wandernesia is your holiday partner that you can rely on! (HN)

National Gallery Singapore: An Artsy Place for Aesthete

The National Gallery Singapore surely will take you to the excitement full or arts. This place is recommended for you who wants to seek another kind of attraction in Singapore. When you are planning to go to this lion city, you may see many lists that suggest you to come to the crowded places. But if you are looking for a calm atmosphere or an aesthete, just go to National Gallery Singapore. From the name itself, you can guess that this place will display many remarkable work arts. Correct! Once when you step into this gallery, prepare for spectating many masterpieces that will make your jaw drop!

The building of National Gallery Singapore is easy to recognize because of this astonishing structure. For your information, Singapore transformed its City Hall and Supreme Court to be this National Gallery. That is why, it will be hard for you not to admire the amazing structure of this place. It surely will leave you in awe! National Gallery of Singapore is not always for the aesthetes. If you’re looking for some stunning instagramable photos, you can simply go there. Once you take a ton of photos in National Gallery Singapore, your followers will hit you with bomb likes and comments for sure!

If the outside of National Gallery Singapore has amazed you successfully, the inside part will be so much better! You can discover many things inside that may surprise you! The first one is, you can see a ghost in a painting. Yes, you heard it right! When you look closer at the ‘National Language Class’ painting, you can spot a black-shadow-figure in the back. The second one is, time capsule. On 1937, when National Gallery was Supreme Court, Sir Shenton Thomas put a time capsule beneath. It was buried in the foundation stone and will be unearthed in year 3.000. Still a long time to go.

Of course, those two are not the only interesting parts from the National Gallery Singapore. Hundreds or thousands art works there are waiting for you to be discovered. The Gallery is located in 1st Andrew’s Rd and it has two main entrances for your admission access. The entrances are the Coleman Street and the Padang Atrium. You can reach the National Gallery Singapore easily. Buses, MRT, Taxi, or Car are the options that you may choose to take you there. Before you go, don’t forget to book the admission ticket of National Gallery Singapore on BeFree Tour! (HN)