Bali Zoo

One Happy Day that’ll be Worth in Bali Zoo

Bali Zoo
Bali Zoo

Bali Zoo is the perfect place to go for a family day out. Perhaps, you feel enough with the beach, the temples, and other popular attractions spreading all over the island. Do you think so? Let me introduce you to Bali Zoo. One of the favorite tourist’s places that good for your family. Unlike any regular zoo that you find in your city, Bali Zoo has something different to offer. Once you make your decision to go here, I can guarantee you that you will never regret your decision. Why? Let’s check out the fun facts about Bali Zoo below.

Do you know that you can feed the lion with your own hand at the zoo? Yes, Bali Zoo will allow certain of the guests to feed the lion. Of course, you don’t feed it with your hand directly unless you want to add some extra flesh to the lion. Using a long and metal stick, you can give chicken meat to the lion. After that, you can see how furious the lion tearing the meat apart. Since the zoo only allows a limited number of guest, make sure you enroll yourself as a volunteer! Go challenge yourself!

The fun fact number two is, can you imagine having a breakfast accompanied by orangutans? Well, the orangutans are not literally sitting at the same table with you. They will hang out off the side while you enjoy your appetizing breakfast and see them doing their own thing. Moreover, you may strike a pose near them and snap some photos to get the memorable things of your moment. There is one thing that you should remember. You cannot touch them but they can touch you. So, make sure to get yourself ready for their unexpected touch!

Sounds interesting, right? Last but not least, the zoo also offers you an experience to explore the zoo in the night. Imagine that you will get some spooky vibe while wandering around the zoo in the night. Some animals are nocturnal, and you may find out their true wilderness in the dark. Without any further do, go book your Bali Zoo ticket now on! The packages offered are coming in various types. If you book on Wandernesia, we can guarantee you to have much benefit such as hotel transfer service, and mouthwatering lunch. The tickets are also offered at the best affordable price. Compared to other tour platforms, Wandernesia is your holiday partner that you can rely on! (HN)

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