Release Your Stress Away in Menjangan Island


Escape to Menjangan Island is a great idea to set your stress free. As can be seen on the map, the island is separated to the main island of Bali. Since the remote island will offer you the new peaceful sensation, this is the perfect destination to get away from the bustling Bali. For some people, Bali might be the dream island to go for a holiday. However, for some people, Bali is already crowded and get away from it is a must. Menjangan Island would be a good choice. Here are the things to do on the island if you still wondering.

Firstly, you can explore the West Bali National Park. The park features a huge variety of flora and fauna. It will be a recommendation for you to spend your morning here and take a leisure walk. Make sure to open your eyes widely because you will spot some rare animals like the rusa deer. The name of Menjangan was inspired by this species and the species can only be found on the island only. So, once you meet them, don’t forget to capture the photos. Sometimes they will wander around the island or beach.

The second thing to do in Menjangan Island is visiting the Segara Gili Dharma Kencana Temple. You can even see this stunning temple from the distance when you want to reach there. The main feature of the temple can be seen from its remarkable Ganesha statue.  The locals believe that Ganesha which facing the sea is meant to protect the island. After exploring the land and the culture, let’s move to the beach. The sea in Menjangan Island is undeniably beautiful. Be free to enjoy the crystal clear water, pure white sand, blue sky, and sun-kissed as you lying on the sand.

However, when you visit the Menjangan Island, what would that be if you skip your adventure in exploring the underwater? Don’t worry. Let Wandernesia offers you the chance. With a product called Menjangan Island – Bali Diving Activity, you will be brought to dive into the Menjangan Sea. You can discover tons of incredible things under the waves, such as the exotic fish, and the ancient grand wreck ship. Under the supervision of the professional dive instructor, you are guaranteed to dive safely. Enjoy the convenient transfer service and a simple lunch that come within the package. Book on and get ready to get unlimited advantages from us! (HN)

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